Pelotonia Rider – Heather Powers

We are helping five riders this year meet their goal of giving for the Pelotonia cause.  This is the reason she rides.

This will bemy 3rd year participating in Pelotonia and riding for those I love and those I’ve lost to cancer. I ride for the survivors and the fighters, for the strong patients and amazing researchers, for everyone we know… and the generations to come.

Together we ride, we donate, we volunteer and we FIGHT.


I fundraise so that families will not have to experience the physical and emotional trauma of cancer. 100% of donations to Pelotonia go to cancer research.

The research we are funding has an impact on those we love right here and now.

Together we are unstoppable! Thank you for your support to Pelotonia.

Please come out tonight and help support Heather and the rest of the riders.


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