TapGate is a mobile tap room with the ability to serve craft draft beer from the back of the tailgate – up to 6 different taps! And you can reserve it for your own private party!

Booking TapGate is easy!


We allow you to pick the place, the time, the music you want us to play at the truck, and the beverage you want to serve! The choices are yours. We even have options for showing video and are in the process of acquiring mini cornhole, full size cornhole, mini beer pong, and full size beer pong!

We know what you’re thinking: “This is so cool and I need more details!” We hear you! Read on.



  • Your event must a be a private party on private property!!! (Three exclamation points means we’re triply serious about this. Private party. Private property. No exceptions.)
  • No one under the age of 21 years old will be served and all participants must show ID for age verification ahead of serving. The organizer of the party must sign a waiver agreeing to all requirements of age verification.
  • TapGate reserves the right to cut off the serving of patrons who display high levels of intoxication.
  • TapGate does not resell any alcoholic beverages; the organizer must purchase ALL alcohol.
  • TapGate does not refund for non-consumed alcohol and cannot leave behind any alcohol for later consumption. Please plan your beverage consumption appropriately (see Quantities below).



To properly judge the amount of glasses you will want to serve, please consider the following:

  • 1/2 Barrel of beer contains 15.5 gallons = 6.9 cases or 165 glasses (12 oz.)
  • 1/4 Barrel of beer contains 7.75 gallons = 3.4 cases or 83 glasses (12 oz.)
  • 1/6 Barrel of beer contains 5 gallons = 2.3 cases or 55 glasses (12 oz.)
  • Not all beer brands are available in these sizes, TBD at time of order



TapGate’s base hourly rate is $50 per hour (minimum of 2 hours) within a 30-mile radius of downtown Columbus.
NOTE: There is an additional fee of $0.25 per mile outside of that radius unless your event is over 4 hours in length or other arrangements are made beforehand.

Pouring from a single beer tap is included in the base hourly rate. Additional taps are $10 per hour, per tap, plus the cost of an additional keg.

Our rates depend on the services provided. If you give us some details about your party and the type of services you want we can give you a price quote.

Your reservation is not finalized until we have received your $50 non-refundable deposit, paid with a major credit card, debit card, or cash. You will be notified by email when your reservation is confirmed. Your deposit will be applied toward your total balance. The remaining balance, paid by credit or debit card, is due upon TapGate’s arrival and setup at the event.

Example of Pricing

Let’s say you want One Tap for a 2 hour party that falls within the 30-mile service area. Here’s the price breakdown…

  • TapGate hourly rate of $50.00 per hour x 2 hours = $100.00
  • 1/6 Barrel, purchased by organizer = ~$80.00 (price estimated; rates vary per beer brand)
  • 7 bags of ice at $5.00 per bag = $35.00
  • Total = $215.00



TapGate provides the infamous Red Solo cups for your event. If you would like something different, please let us know in advance so we can make arrangements.



We do accept last minute parties without a reservation as long as we have no other party booked for the time you are requesting. For last minute reservations, the entire outstanding balance must be paid for in full once TapGate arrives at the event location. We will accept cash, credit card, or debit card.



If you find that you need to cancel your TapGate reservation, please do so prior to 24 hours before your reserved event time to avoid a cancellation fee. If you cancel within the 24 hour window before your event reservation, you will be charged an $80.00 cancellation fee.



TapGate is an awesome idea for almost any event! To prove it, here’s a great big list of ideas where you can use TapGate.

Bachelorette Parties
Birthday Parties
Christmas Parties
Corporate Functions
Dinner Dances
Fund Raisers
Graduation Parties
Grand Openings
Halloween Parties
Private Parties
Sweet 16 Parties
Wedding Ceremonies
Wedding Cocktail Hours
Wedding Receptions
Cornhole Tournaments


To book your event, please provide us with the following information: