Nova Scotia breweries day 2

Ok…. So day 1 finished with the Warnog from Garrison Brewery but day 2 started with a pleasant surprise from a brand new brewery, 3 months in operation in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. My group stopped off to do some trail hiking around the local historic Locks to find the ” Nine Locks Brewing Co.” Just down the road. On tap was a tasty blonde, a full bodied porter but must impressive was the Extra special Bitter! They name the beer solely by the style without any stylistic names. The hop isn’t overstated, it’s smooth and if you’re ever in the neighborhood it’s a definite place to stop, eat and drink. ( let’s face it if you’re here then like me , you’re stopping at every brewery😛). It was my favorite pick for the day!!! We later stopped off In Halifax at Good robot brewery. The bartender was a big bearded Australian. He was super excited to talk about the brewery and beer in general. I always respect a place that has good customer service, much like the service you get at the hop yard. The beers were very comparable to the standards of great beers you’re accustomed too in the states. Standing out among them are “Tom waits for no one”, a good fully bodied stout at 8.6% ABV and the “Northern Bight” IPA by big spruce Brewing. As always, drink responsibly and enjoy your beer!!!! I’ll let you know if I find anything else noteworthy. Thanks for reading….. Matt the Globe trekking Bartender.

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