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As much as you visit us, you may not know all there is to know about #HY62. Here is a fact:

Did you know that Tammy and Greg are veterans? Tammy is a seven year veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and Greg is a four-year veteran of the United States Army. Plus Tammy is a hell of a shot with any firearm created by man! Tammy went to Okinawa, Japan and Greg spent time in Panama. They enjoyed their time in the service and are very thankful and grateful to all current active military personnel and veterans. That is why they have implemented a Salute to Service Board in Hop Yard 62 that gives tribute to three active service members and three veterans. They are always looking to rotate those pictures out so if you have a photo, please bring it in. Also, Hop Yard 62 has 21 taps to pay tribute to all service members, kind of a 21 tap salute. Best of all, #HY62 offers a 10% discount to all active military or veterans all of the time, please have your military/veteran ID available. Thank you for your service! We lift our pint glasses in your honor!

21 taps thank you veterans

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