Bartender trekking the globe

Hello from the great white North! As a Hop Yard 62 ┬ábartender I like to look high and low for those out of the way breweries. My recent adventure takes me north and off the coast of Canada to the island of Halifax in Nova Scotia! That’s “New Scotland” for those of you that don’t speak Latin. I started to a disappointing trek to the local airport bar. Rolling rock of all things was on tap, along with Budweiser products and a local brewery Alexander Keith’s IPA and Red Ale. Needless to say both fell short in my opinion to the level of quality we so richly enjoy back in the states. My next stop was a local brewery PEI ( Gahan). The Blonde was decent but all of the IPA’s fall short of this Hopheads expectations. I then went to a local Eatery “The stubborn Goat”where I enjoyed an excellent Belgium on draft Delerium Tremens. This particular bar is one of the few that they sell the kegs to customers for Draft enjoyment. I then stopped at an auction house that served the local brewery “Good Robot”, I enjoyed the Gose. Which was spot on with a cites blend and salty finish. I finished up my day at “Garrison Brewery” Enjoying a flight of good beers but the Klingon inspired ( Yes I said Klingon as in Startrek, apparently it’s a high ad campaign up here) Warnog which although described as Roggen Dunkel had sweet flavor a much like that of a Saison. That was day 1, I’ll let you know if I run into anything else note worthy.

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